Consider these before you buy a VR headset

In recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has received tremendous attention from many large vendors. Each of them has even prepared its flagship VR headset device.

You can see how Samsung, ASUS, HTC, Google, Sony, and many other technology companies are competing to showcase their respective VR products.

With the price variant of VR headset devices offered by each of the top vendors, is it worth it if you intend to buy a VR headset now? For those of you who want or are interested in buying a VR headset, you might consider four things below.


1. VR = Expensive Goods

Oculus is the only VR headset maker that has announced the price of its headset, and the price tag is not cheap, which ranges from US$ 600.

Besides being expensive, to use a VR headset, you need a PC with a fairly high specification.

2. The price will go down

Still insisting on buying VR? If you really want to buy, wait until the price of the VR headset drops in the coming year. The easiest example is the price of the PS4 when it was first released.

When it was released in 2013, the PS4 console was priced at a fairly high price. At present, one unit of the PS4 console is cheaper than it was a few years ago.

3. Better Content

As the saying goes, “Those with patience are loved by God,” besides the price that goes down, the content or experience of using VR will be better. Periodically, manufacturers and developers will certainly provide updates and fix existing bugs.

They will also improve various types of games or applications so that they can be played and used properly using their VR headsets. This means that there will be many updates before getting the latest version update.

4. Wait for Natural Selection

Just because it is the first time you introduce and announce prices, does not mean that the Oculus Rift headset is the best VR headset. Besides Oculus, there are several other big vendors such as Sony, Samsung, and HTC who also introduce VR headsets this year.

Of course, every vendor has a plus, minus, and default software that will be their own advantages. Will all vendors succeed with their respective headsets? Certainly not. Just like a race, there will only be one runner who will occupy the first position.

So, there is a possibility that there will only be one vendor who will occupy number 1 in the market for VR headset devices, where other vendors must be satisfied to follow behind. So, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for who is ranked the best and is eligible to buy the headset.