Think about VGA when you buy a gaming laptop

When you buy a gaming laptop, you focus on VGA Technology and the VGA series. Do not focus on VRAM or memory on VGA. Although VRAM for gaming is also important, VRAM is more influential on graphic designers rather than gaming. Next, consider the VGA series. Generally, the first number is numbering the VGA generation series.

For example NVIDIA GeForce 920M. Number 9 is the VGA generation developed, meaning the VGA is the 9th generation. The last two numbers, namely “20” show some sort of performance score. For example, laptop A uses VGA NVIDIA GeForce GT 920M. Laptop B uses NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. In performance, laptop B has better graphics performance because it has a score of 50, but laptop B uses the technology of developing the old generation graphics card. While the A laptop has the latest VGA generation even though the score is small.

Remember that if you always want high-quality graphics for video games, VGA is the key for it.